To the Editors:

In case any of your readers should be tempted by the recent advertising campaign (in The New York Times and elsewhere) to visit South Africa, may I warn them that they will not be welcome in that country if they are married to someone of a different race. I recently applied for a tourist visa to go to South Africa with my wife, who is Japanese, and received a curt refusal (copy follows) from the South African Consul General. The blessings of Apartheid are not restricted to those with black skins.

Professor Ivan Morris

Department of East Asian

Languages and Cultures

Columbia University

Professor Ivan Morris, Ph.D., D.Lit.,


Columbia University in the City of New York

Department of East Asian

Languages and Cultures,

New York, New York, 10027

Dear Sir,

I have the honour to refer to the applications to visit South Africa by your wife and yourself, and to inform you that these applications have not been approved.

Yours very truly,

Consul General

South African Consulate General

This Issue

August 21, 1969