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Pedro Salvadores from the August 21, 1969 issue

To the Editors:

I regret that you failed to credit the translation of Jorge Luis Borges’s “Pedro Salvadores” [NYR, August 21] as having been made in collaboration with the author. I mention this for the benefit of any officers of the Translation Police who, having consulted the original text, may right now be drafting their reports. Whatever appears in English that does not seem to be on the Spanish page, Borges and I arrived at together.

The new Borges book—the failure is mine for not having made this clear—is Elogio de la sombra, and it appeared here for the author’s seventieth birthday on August 24. In Praise of Darkness is the English translation, which E.P. Dutton will publish at some future date.

Norman Thomas di Giovanni

Buenos Aires

This Issue

October 9, 1969