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Cambodia: Why the Generals Won from the June 18, 1970 issue

To the Editors:

In a footnote on page 34 to an article by Peter Dale Scott, “Cambodia: Why the Generals Won” (NYR, June 18, 1970), reference is made to a totally unfounded rumor that Rand “is studying the idea of canceling the 1972 Presidential election if radicals threaten to disrupt it.”

While Mr. Scott goes on to say that “It is hardly necessary to take such reports seriously,” we are concerned that this rumor continues to spread, that it has been taken seriously, and therefore, that it is seriously damaging to Rand.

The Wall Street Journal and other media which have published this rumor have since published the statement by Mr. Henry S. Rowen, president of Rand, that The Rand Corporation “has not undertaken such a study; it does not contemplate making such a study; nor has it been approached by anyone with a proposal for such a study.”

Paul Weeks


The Rand Corporation

Santa Monica, California

This Issue

July 23, 1970