Military America

Pentagon Capitalism: The Political Economy of War

by Seymour Melman

Female and Other Impersonators


by Lawrence Durrell

Losing Battles

by Eudora Welty

Jeremiah 8:20

by Carol Hill

Good Morning, Midnight

by Jean Rhys

Street Actions

Children's Games in Street and Playground

by Iona Opie and Peter Opie

Looking for Louis

Louis XIV and Twenty Million Frenchmen

by Pierre Goubert, translated by Anne Carter

The Age of Louis XIV

by Pierre Gaxotte, translated by Michael Shaw

The Affair of the Poisons

by Frances Mossiker

Tory Stories

Superior Person

by Kenneth Rose


by Keith Middlemas and John Barnes

Memoirs of a Conservative: J.C.C. Davidson's Memoirs and Papers, 1910-1937

by Robert Rhodes James

Tides of Fortune, 1495-1955

by Harold Macmillan

You Gotta Read Gadda

Acquainted with Grief

by Carlo Emilio Gadda, translated by William Weaver

Rational American

The Philosophy of C.I. Lewis

edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp

Values and Imperatives

by C.I. Lewis

Collected Papers of C.I. Lewis

edited by J. Goheen, edited by J. Mothershead

Analytic Philosophy of Knowledge

by Arthur C. Danto

The Possibility of Altruism

by Thomas Nagel

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