The Damned

A Nation in Torment: The Great American Depression, 1929-1939

by Edward Robb Ellis

Hard Times

by Studs Terkel

The Block

by Herb Goro

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

by Anita Bryant

Communist Dropouts

The Search for a Third Way

by Heinz Brandt, with a Foreword by Erich Fromm

Our Own People

by Elisabeth K. Poretsky

Men in Prison

by Victor Serge

Lichtenberg: Body Language & A Dream

Hogarth on High Life: The Marriage à la Mode Series from Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's Commentaries

translated and edited by Arthur S. Wensinger and W.B. Coley

Aphorisms and Letters

by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, translated and edited by Franz Mautner and Henry Hatfield

Survival of the Fattest

The Unheavenly City

by Edward Banfield

Pow! Now


by Richard Stern

The File on Stanley Patton Buchta

by Irvin Faust

The Bamboo Bed

by William Eastlake

The Park

by Philippe Sollers, translated by A.M. Sheridan Smith

Critical List

Literature and the Sixth Sense

by Philip Rahv

The Writing on the Wall

by Mary McCarthy

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