To the Editors:

The Children’s Storefront, in its eleventh year in Harlem, is happily situated now in a house at 57 East 129th Street. We have only one floor—the basement—ready, but we have been in operation for three months. As usual the children come to us each day but this time around they seem much younger—seven months to four years. I would like to open soon, on the second floor, a library for the people of our community. Not a children’s library, but a library where the people could come to study about their lives, listen to music, read magazines and newspapers, or simply talk. We ask the writers and publishers in New York City to help us build that library. We need bookcases, carpeting, and, of course, books of every kind and magazines and newspapers. Perhaps even one of those record machines with earphones. I would like to get it open by the early summer. We seek out especially history books, poetry, the great novels, and an encyclopedia and a fine dictionary. Once open it would be the only such library in Harlem. So please urge it into being. You may call us any day after 9:30 until 6:30 and tell us how you will get what you have to us: 860-9881.

Ned O’Gorman


The Children’s Storefront

57 East 129th Street

New York, New York

This Issue

March 31, 1977