To the Editors:

During the past months my nursery school in Harlem, I call it a liberation camp, has been suddenly thrust into a sort of mild but kinetic confrontation with the city which insists now that if I am to keep in their graces I must hire a New York State certified day care teacher. I am not such a creature. Although I have written three books on my school and have been working in Harlem thirteen years I simply do not qualify. So I have decided to transform our liberation camp into a school for the children of the oppressed and I want that school to be directed in its approach to the liberation of our little ones by a visionary, imaginative, selfless Montessori teacher.

We are beginning this school to offer our children, for whom the public school system is death, a vibrant chance to become in the most creative, dynamic way, revolutionaries, that is people who will go out into the world armed with love, hope and the tremendous desire to change the lives of their oppressed brothers and sisters. It will be a school composed entirely of children from the most oppressed families, all will enter on scholarships.

The work ahead is enormous and I am directed by my board to seek a teacher who would find such a task close to their hearts. If this letter reaches anyone who is interested they can call me at work—(212) 860-9881 or at home (212) 799-0806.

Ned O’Gorman


The Children’s Storefront

57 East 129th Street

New York, N.Y. 10035

This Issue

July 20, 1978