The Real China

The Execution of Mayor Yin and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution by Chen Jo-hsi, translated by Nancy Ing and Howard Goldblatt, with an introduction by Simon Leys

A Guy Like I

Wheeling and Dealing: Confessions of a Capitol Hill Operator by Bobby Baker and Larry L. King

The Senate Nobody Knows by Bernard Asbell

Witnesses to Calamity

Dans le carnaval de I’histoire: mémoires Carnival in the spring of 1979 by Léonide Pliouchtch, translated by Simone Vincent

The Challenge of the Spirit by Boris Shragin, translated by P.S. Falla

Notes of a Non-Conspirator by Efim Etkind, translated by Peter France

Pioneers and Phantoms

The Hill of Evil Counsel by Amos Oz, translated by Nicholas de Lange

Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass by Bruno Schulz, translated by Celina Wieniewska

The Predicament

The Ambivalence of Abortion by Linda Bird Francke

Abortion in America: The Origins and Evolution of National Policy, 1800-1900 by James C. Mohr