Frederic Wakeman Jr.

All the Rage in China

He shang [River Dirge]

A six-part film for television directed by Xia Jun

He shang lun [About 'River Dirge']

Compiled by Cui Wenhua

March 2, 1989 issue

Up Against the Great Wall

The Gate of Heavenly Peace: The Chinese and Their Revolution, 1895-1980

by Jonathan D. Spence

February 18, 1982 issue

The Genius of the Red Chamber

The Story of the Stone Volume 1: The Golden Days Volume 2: The Crab-Flower Club

by Cao Xueqin, translated by David Hawkes

June 12, 1980 issue

The Monkey King

The Journey to the West Volumes 1 and 2

translated and edited by Anthony C. Yu

May 29, 1980 issue

Lost China

The Face of China as Seen by Photographers and Travelers, 1860-1912

preface by L. Carrington Goodrich, commentary by Nigel Cameron

China in Old Photographs, 1860-1910

by Burton F. Beers

February 8, 1979 issue

The Real China

The Execution of Mayor Yin and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

by Chen Jo-hsi, translated by Nancy Ing and Howard Goldblatt, with an introduction by Simon Leys

July 20, 1978 issue

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