To the Editors:

Your readers may be interested to know that the second Jonathan Lieberson Memorial Prize in Philosophy has been awarded to Marko Ahtisaari for his essay “Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach to the Standard of Living.” Honorable Mention was given to Scott J. Shapiro for his essay “Intolerance and the Competition for Autonomy.” The award of $1,000 is given by the Columbia University Department of Philosophy for an essay by a graduate student in philosophy at Columbia “showing the applicability of moral or scientific theory or both to a social or historical issue.” The award was donated by friends of the late Jonathan Lieberson, a teacher of philosophy at Barnard College who was also the contributing editor of The New York Review and the author of Varieties.

Charles Larmore
Isaac Levi
Sidney Morgenbesser
Department of Philosophy
Columbia University
New York City

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March 5, 1992