Again the Postmodern Language as a Second Language Association convention will be held. Reminder: In sessions where members are presenting or responding, they may not be chairs.

Reconsidering Pearl Buck

The author in the light of recent rethinking of desire, deferral, the gaze, labyrinth, displacement, and the panoptic phallus.

What We Talk about When We Talk about ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’

Negotiating Nietzsche in unmediated cyberspace.

Polity, Pity, Piety, Performativity

Once the market changes from place to process, how do sonneteers fare?

From Huckleberry to Hitler

Post- and prefigurations of Twain and the Mississippi in the Holocaust literature.

Propriety Is Theft

The collapse and/or reconfiguration of post-Mannerist manners.

Beavis and Benjamin

Echoes and reduplications from MTV to Academe and vice versa.

Algebra[cketing] & the Coca-Colon +/- [-oscopy/-ization]

Transgender marginalization and post-Baudrillard framing of the Latino Other: Implications of Comparativism.

Signifier and Signified in IRS Form 808

A transvaluation of depreciationist values.

I Wake Up Screaming

Images of Sally Struthers: An inquiry into appropriate discursive strategies.

Karl Kraus in the Imagination of the Kalahari

What happens when Die Fackel passes into a click language.

Finding Elinor Wylie in All the Unlikely Places

Proposals by Tagalog or Tagalogophone women writers.

‘When Wilt Thou Blow?’

Anticipation and anticlimax in Lord Rochester.

The Nutty Pantheon: Lacanians Construct Jerry Lewis

Non-neurotic (or purportedly non-neurotic) anti-auteurizing tendencies.

Noncanonical Anonymous and Her Editors

Subversions, mythopoeses, particolored peoples, NAFTA.

Homer Simpson and the Dearth of Achilleses

Ironic recontextualizations using a pathology model.

Entomorphism: The Literary Representation of the Insect Mind

Poetics, narratology, and the ethical implications of rendering the consciousness or behavior of insects in literature.

Generation of Wipers

Career opportunities beyond the Academy.

This Issue

January 12, 1995