Here is a story someone.
Wrote a paper about a river once to be specific it was.
Der Ister he lost the paper after.
Delivering it at a rather disappointing.
Hölderlin Conference where certain promises pertaining.
To publication were made but never honored this.
Too proved disappointing but it took.
Years to (not).
Happen meanwhile as I say the.
Paper through a series of changes of.
Notebook system of storing books switch.
To computer change of computer theft.
Of computer you know how these archaeologies.
Of knowledge go and in the midst of.
It all he changed.
Me so now from the home of his new wife he.
Writes do you by chance retain a.
Copy of that old Der.
Ister paper that got.
Lost I.
Said No meanwhile I.
Couldn’t help thinking Okay now it is mythic now we.
Will hear for.
Ever the rawsilvershimmersting.
Purl of that perfect paper crashing pounding sprinkling uprooting O-.
riginating over Hölderlin’s.
Sleeprocks deep at the back of our every.
When one fled past

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December 21, 2006