Anne Carson was born in Canada and teaches ancient Greek for a living. Her latest publication is Norma Jeane Baker of Troy.
 (May 2020)


Short Talk on Kafka on Hölderlin

“I cannot keep my dreams straight.” By this complaint Kafka meant, keep them going in a straight line from front to finish. His dreams were inclined to swerve back on themselves, for example his dream of Hölderlin.

Laps for Fat Wal

Whenever I swim on my back at the 14th St YMCA in NYC I think of Wallace Stevens:
a perfect square of heavenly glass dead centre in the centre of the ceiling
is a fatal, dominant thing. It is filled with leaves.
They crowd from their side like visitors at the wire
of the world, exhilarated to be almost X…

What to Say of the Entirety

What to say of the entirety. The entirety should be smaller. Small enough to say something about. Humans. What if the guy you’re hanging up by his thumbs already has a razorplague of painapples roaming his chest inside. Do you regard that as his own fault? Do you really need …


You don’t often see swans looking bad. This morning early at the edge of the Wannsee near the ferry dock were two I thought at first to be blown plastic bags but they’ve outlawed plastic bags here and when I got closer I …

O Ister

Here is a story someone. Wrote a paper about a river once to be specific it was. Der Ister he lost the paper after. Delivering it at a rather disappointing. Hölderlin Conference where certain promises pertaining. To publication were made but never …

The Beat Goes On

This translation of a poem by Sappho is based on a new text of fragment 58, made possible, as the article by Martin West in the TLS of June 24, 2005, put it, by “the identification of a papyrus in the University of Cologne as part of a roll containing …