Workers of the World

Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology

edited by Joyce L. Kornbiun
As the Seattle boat swung up the wharf…the IWW men were merrily singing the English Transport Worker’s song Hold The Fort. When the singers…crowded to the rail…Sheriff McRae called out to them: “Who is your leader?” “We are all leaders!” “You can’t land here.” “Like hell we can’t!” came the …

Blood and Guts

Before the Colors Fade: Portrait of a Soldier

by Fred Ayer Jr.
Fred Ayer Jr., the god-son and nephew of General George S. “Blood and Guts” Patton the notorious, foul-mouthed, and effective commander of World War II’s Third Army, has put together a “portrait,” really a rambling series of anecdotal sketches, about his uncle. Uncle George turns out to have been, even …

Hell’s Angel

Harlow: An Intimate Biography

by Irving Shulman
Harlean Carpentier, later to become the most popular female film star of her time, was born in 1911 of a conspicuously mismated and middle-class couple. Her father was a Kansas City dentist, her mother a bright-eyed, vapid matron. “It was not until she went to school that she learned her …

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Black Champion: The Life and Times of Jack Johnson

by Finis Farr
When I was a little boy there were two mentionably unmentionable names in the house, along with the unknown (but guessed at) murderers of Ehrlich and Alter. These were Jack Johnson and Earl Browder. While the Communist was openly execrated (to the point that I grew up half-musing that “Browder” …