David Gallagher is the author of several works on Latin American ­literature. He lives in Santiago.
 (October 2016)


Akin to Conrad in Colombia

Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Brussels, 2009

Lovers on All Saints’ Day

by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean


by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean
Juan Gabriel Vásquez published two novels, Persona (1997) and Alina Suplicante (1999), while still in his twenties, but according to him they were derivative and immature, and he prefers them forgotten. His first major work, published in Spanish in 2001, was Lovers on All Saints’ Day, a collection of seven …

The Subtle Minds of Santa Fe

Juan José Saer, Paris, 1987

La Grande

by Juan José Saer, translated from the Spanish and with an afterword by Steve Dolph
The career of the Argentinian novelist Juan José Saer (1937–2005) makes one wonder how literary fame comes about. He has a small cult following, but he is not well known beyond it. Many readers for whom Mario Vargas Llosa—his almost exact contemporary—is a household name have simply not heard of …

Stories from Pinochet’s Prisons

Augusto Pinochet and his wife, Lucía, being paraded around a stadium in a carriage, Talca, Chile, 1988

La Vida Doble

by Arturo Fontaine, translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell

Ways of Going Home

by Alejandro Zambra, translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell
On September 11, 2013, Chileans commemorated the fortieth anniversary of the military coup in Chile. Memories of it helped the center-left opposition led by former president Michelle Bachelet, who returned to power in elections this past December. For young people, the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet is remembered not for …

The Literary Life in Cuba

Tres tristes tigres

by Guillermo Cabrera Infante


by José Lezama Lima
“We will not forbid anyone from writing on the subject he thinks fit. On the contrary, let everyone express himself in the form he considers relevant, and let everyone feel free to express whatever idea he wishes to express. We will always judge creative works through a prism made of …