Günter Grass, a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is a novelist, poet, playwright, sculptor, and artist. (April 2012)


Helmut Frielinghaus: Words in Farewell

Helmut Frielinghaus, who died on January 29, was for many years Günter Grass’s editor. His round back. His stubbornness, that he kept to himself. His freedom, asking only for a bit of space that flourished beyond publishing houses. The author’s editor has …

Ben and Dieter: A Speech to the Israelis

While I was writing this paper, the German Social Democrat, Fritz Erler, died. A country that has always pursued the wrong models has lost a model man. When the German middle classes succumbed to national socialism in 1933—often against their better judgment—the high school student Fritz Erler said: “No.” And …


On Christa Wolf

Günter Grass and Christa Wolf at the Leipzig Book Fair, March 21, 2002. Wolf was awarded a prize for lifetime achievement.

Christa Wolf belonged to the generation in which I also count myself. We were stamped by National Socialism and the late—too late—realization of all the crimes committed by Germans in the span of just twelve years. Ever since, the act of writing has demanded interpreting the traces that remain.