J.P. Kenyon

England Atomized

The Making of Modern English Society Vol. I Reformation to Industrial Revolution 1530-1780

by Christopher Hill

The Making of Modern English Society Vol. II Industry and Empire 1750 to the Present Day

by G.J. Hobsbawm

February 13, 1969 issue

The Last Whig

The Last Whig

The Crisis of the Seventeenth Century: Religion, the Reformation and Social Change

by H.R. Trevor-Roper

June 6, 1968 issue

A Hectic Revolution

The Elizabethan Puritan Movement

by Patrick Collinson

Commonwealth and Protectorate; The English Civil War and Its Aftermath

by Ivan Roots

The Fifth Monarchy Men

by P.G. Rogers

January 4, 1968 issue

Tough Job

Henry Plantagenet

by Richard Barber

Cast of Ravens

by Beatrice White

William III and the Defense of European Liberty

by Stephen B. Baxter

George the Magnificent: A Portrait of King George IV

by Joanna Richardson

June 29, 1967 issue

Decline and Fall

The Crisis of the Aristocracy 1558-1640

by Lawrence Stone

July 7, 1966 issue

Habsburg Espionage

The Secret Diplomacy of the Habsburgs, 1598-1625

by Charles Howard Carter

June 17, 1965 issue

Spoiled Kings

The Tragedy of Charles II in the years 1630-1660

by Hester W. Chapman

The Stuarts in Love

by Maurice Ashley

November 19, 1964 issue

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