Lawrence Stone (1919–1999) was an English historian. He taught British history at Oxford and Princeton.


The Revolution Over the Revolution

The Causes of the English Civil War

by Conrad Russell

Revolution and Rebellion in the Early Modern World

by Jack A. Goldstone
One may well ask why we should care about what happened in England 350 years ago. For Americans it matters a great deal, since if the events were indeed no more than an accidental civil war caused by factional disputes among disaffected noblemen, then the ideology behind the American Revolution …

England’s Financial Revolution

The Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State, 1688–1783

by John Brewer
Fourteen years ago, Professor John Brewer published a book that destroyed the prevailing interpretation of English political culture in the eighteenth century, constructed forty years before by Sir Lewis Namier. According to Namier, Hanoverian politics, at any rate in the 1760s, were largely devoid of ideology, and were confined to …

The Road to Polygamy

Putting Asunder: A History of Divorce in Western Society

by Roderick Phillips
If the rates of divorce remain fairly steady, as they have done throughout the 1980s, a half of all marriages in America today, and over a third in England, will end in the divorce court rather than the funeral parlor. Apart perhaps from Scandinavia, these two countries have the highest …

Resisting the New

The New History and the Old

by Gertrude Himmelfarb
The important subject of Gertrude Himmelfarb’s passionately written and intelligent book is the transformation of the methods, objectives, and content of much of current historical writing over the past forty years. Professor Himmelfarb, a distinguished historian of political ideas in Victorian England, is shocked by the alleged dominance of what …

The Century of Revolution

Rebellion or Revolution? England 1640–1660

by Gerald E. Aylmer

Authority and Conflict: England, 1603–1658

by Derek Hirst
The seventeenth century in England has been called “The Century of Revolution.” It is the last period when there occurred on English soil physical violence on a large scale, involving up to 10 percent of the adult males, and a large if ephemeral eruption of radical ideologies. The patterns that …

Only Women

The Weaker Vessel

by Antonia Fraser

Women in English Society, 1500–1800

edited by Mary Prior
Before beginning a discussion of the books under review, I must first set out the ten commandments which should, in my opinion, govern the writing of women’s history at any time and in any place: Thou shalt not write about women except in relation to men and children. Women are …