Lee Gelernt is the deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project and the lead attorney on the family separation lawsuit Ms. L v. ICE. (December 2018)


The Battle to Stop Family Separation

Family members welcoming home six-year-old Leo Jeancarlo de Leon, who had been separated from his mother, Lourdes de Leon, for nearly three months after they were detained by Border Patrol in the US, San Marco, Guatemala, August 8, 2018

If there are bright spots, one is that the courts have continued to play their historic role of checking the government, sticking up for the powerless and vulnerable. The other is that the American people played an equally vital checking role, making clear during the family separation crisis that there are limits to the cruelty they will allow to be done their name. The courts and public outcry will undoubtedly be needed in the future, as the administration shows no signs of letting up on its cruel and chaotic attacks on immigrants.