Leo Rubinfien is an American photographer and essayist whose books include A Map of the East, Wounded Cities, Shomei Tomatsu / Skin of the Nation, and Garry Winogrand. Since 2010, he has also served as guest curator of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s retrospective “Garry Winogrand,” which is currently on view at the Jeu de Paume, Paris.


My Asian Road

At the Typhoon Shelter, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 1980

I stayed in quaint hotels and some that were appalling, also in some that were grand. I was an intent, anxious, too-serious boy bent over a heavy novel in the slop-strewn eating hall of a travelers’ block in Shanxi province; at an obscure mountain inn where the rain wouldn’t stop; in Bangkok, at yet another Indian cafe in a murky cul-de-sac. The view changed constantly, but what hardly varied was the sequence of long walks each day.