Between Paris and Jerusalem

When Memory Comes

by Saul Friedländer, translated by Helen R. Lane
On June 11, 1942, Heinrich Himmler demanded 100,000 Jews of France, for Auschwitz. Pierre Laval agreed in July to turn over 10,000. This would “cleanse France of its foreign Jewry”: the deportations, Laval insisted, would take only Jews from Germany and Central Europe who had sought refuge in the Unoccupied …

The Revenge of I. B. Singer


by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Gimpel the Fool

by Isaac Bashevis Singer
“I must only imagine a door, a good old door, like the one in the kitchen of my childhood, with an iron handle and a bolt. There is no walled-in room that could not be opened by such a door, provided one were strong enough to suggest that such a …