A Contradictory Hero

The Life and Death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

by Mary Bosanquet
“Ferocious power like that of the old Caesars can never again disgrace the leading civilizations of the world,” Frank Newman confidently predicted during the course of his lectures on ancient and modern history. Almost exactly one hundred years later a certain Lutheran pastor called Dietrich Bonhoeffer was taken from his …

Divine Dropouts

A Question of Conscience

by Charles Davis

The Church

by Hans Küng
When is a Roman Catholic not a Roman Catholic? Or, to put it more bluntly, when is apostasy not apostasy? Each of these books poses the question in a different way. Early in December, 1966, subscribers to The Clergy Review were surprised to read a sentence written by its editor, …

Storm over the Catechism

A New Catechism: Catholic Faith for Adults

produced by the Higher Catechetical Institute at Nijmegen
The Age of Reason followed by the Age of Science wrecked the traditional presentation of Christianity. That they failed to wreck historical Roman Catholicism until our own time was largely owing to the authoritarian nature of that Church. From the intellectual point of view, Roman Catholics lived in a game …

Act II

Paul Blanshard on Vatican II

by Paul Blanshard

The Drama of Vatican II: The Ecumenical Council, June 1962-December 1965

by Henri Fesquet, translated by Bernard Murchland, Introduction by Michael Novak
If time is reckoned by months and years, it is not so very long since Mr. Blanshard published his bestseller American Freedom and Catholic Power. If, however, time is measured by change, so much has happened to the Roman Catholic Church in the short interval between the publication of that …

The Divided Catholics

The Fourth Session

by Xavier Rynne

What Happened at Rome? The Council and Its Implications for the Modern World

by Gary MacEoin
Just before the Second Vatican Council opened, The New Yorker published a “Letter from Vatican City.” This was followed at the close of the session by another equally outspoken article describing and summarizing what had taken place. The measure of the distance we have traveled since then may be gauged …

Contraception and the Church

Contraception: A History of Its Treatment by Catholic Theologists and Canonists

by John T. Noonan Jr.

The Pill

edited by Leo Pyle
Today humanity is threatened from without by overpopulation and the possibility of thermonuclear destruction. It is threatened from within by the near collapse of any coherent religious system and the failure to regulate conduct in the light of agreed principles. Millions of people do not believe God exists. More millions …