Marius Bewley (1916–1973) was a British-American literary critic. Educated at Cambridge, Bewley taught English literature at Rutgers and was an advisory editor atThe Hudson Review.


Good Manners

The Collected Poems of Louis MacNeice

edited by E.R. Dodds

High and Low

by John Betjeman
Probably most readers, like the present writer, have always felt vaguely amiable toward Louis MacNeice’s poems. They have been well-mannered and have exhibited commendable sentiments. They have shown obvious critical intelligence about the contemporary cultural and social scene without pedantry, and have not been afraid of a nostalgic wistfulness (duly …

Split in Twain

Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain: A Biography

by Justin Kaplan
One evening, so the story goes, when Mark Twain was in London he dined out in society with Whistler and Henry James, and the latter, broaching a subject that seemed innocently appropriate for the occasion, inquired: “Do you know Bret Harte?” “Yes,” Twain replied, “I know the son of a …


The Old Adam

by D.J. Enright

Thousand-Year-Old Fiancee & Other Poems

by Robert Sward
D. J. Enright is an English poet of unusual accomplishment who has spent a good many years of his life teaching at universities in Japan and the East. Because of some unaccountable and greatly-to-be-regretted oversight, his books have never been published in this country. It may simply be that behind …

Barefoot into Reality

Poets of Reality: Six Twentieth-Century Writers

by J. Hillis Miller
The ideal review of Poets of Reality by J. Hillis Miller would be a careful correlation of two reviews, one written by a literary critic and one written by a professional philosopher. Since few persons are equally in possession of both disciplines Mr. Miller enjoys a certain advantage. The literary …

Lone Rangers

Wah-to-yah and the Taos Trail

by Lewis H. Garrard, Introduction by A.B. Guthrie Jr.

The Western Hero in History and Legend

by Kent Ladd Steckmesser
Although the present edition of Wahto-yah and the Taos Trail was published a few years ago, it was not widely reviewed at the time. As the book is a minor classic of great charm, which has never had anything like the currency or critical recognition it deserves, there seems some …

Great Scott

The Apprentice Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1909-1917

edited with an Introduction by John Kuehl

The Art of F. Scott Fitzgerald

by Sergio Perosa, translated by Charles Matz. the author
Although nearly all critics, including those reviewed here, recognize today the quality and stature of Scott Fitzgerald’s fiction, from time to time one still hears a violent dissenting opinion. The case against Fitzgerald was stated as succinctly as possible in a 1951 essay by Leslie Fiedler: “And so a fictionist …