Martha C. Nussbaum

Martha Nussbaum is the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago, with appointments in the Law School and the Philosophy Department. (December 2022).

What We Owe Our Fellow Animals

Can we develop a theory of justice that encompasses nonhuman animals?

Mama’s Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us About Ourselves

by Frans de Waal

Dolphin Communication and Cognition: Past, Present, and Future

edited by Denise L. Herzing and Christine M. Johnson

Deep Thinkers: Inside the Minds of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

edited by Janet Mann

Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve Peace

by Carl Safina

The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins

by Hal Whitehead and Luke Rendell

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March 10, 2022 issue

Disabled Lives: Who Cares?

Love's Labor: Essays on Women, Equality, and Dependency

by Eva Feder Kittay

Life As We Know It:A Father, a Family, and an Exceptional Child

by Michael Bérubé

Unbending Gender: Why Family and Work Conflict and What to Do About It

by Joan Williams

January 11, 2001 issue

Women’s Lot

Reclaiming a Conversation: The Ideal of the Educated Woman

by Jane Roland Martin

January 30, 1986 issue

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