The Uses of God

Creation of the Sacred: Tracks of Biology in Early Religions

by Walter Burkert
Walter Burkert is professor of Classics at the University of Zurich and a scholar of great distinction. He is also a man of remarkably wide interests. Works of his that have already been published in translation by American university presses cover matters as various as the anthropology of ancient Greek …

Le Diable au Coeur

The Origin of Satan

by Elaine Pagels
Whereas in the nineteenth century Satan seldom attracted the attention of serious historians—Gustave Roskoff’s two-volume Geschichte des Teufels (1869) stands almost alone—of late he has done so repeatedly, and to excellent effect. The collection of essays published in 1948 under the auspices of the French Carmelites, and entitled simply Satan, …

By Love Possessed

Holy Anorexia

by Rudolph M. Bell, epilogue by William N. Davis

Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy

by Judith C. Brown
It was only around 1870 that anorexia nervosa came to be recognized as a specific disorder and was given the name by which it is known today. Yet according to the psychiatrist William N. Davis, who has supplied an epilogue to Holy Anorexia, it has now reached such proportions that …

Giving the Devil His Due

Lucifer: The Devil in the Middle Ages

by Jeffrey Burton Russell
During the past two decades Jeffrey Burton Russell has established himself as a respected historian of medieval religion. Though some of his extraordinarily abundant writings have dealt with the Roman Catholic mainstream, more have dealt with varieties of religion that flourished outside, and in opposition to, the Church. Dissent and …