Page Stegner is Professor Emeritus of American Literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz. His most recent book is Grand Canyon: The Great Abyss. (February 1997)


The Plains That Broke the Plow

Bad Land: An American Romance

by Jonathan Raban
When that largely forgotten son of the middle border, Hamlin Garland, wrote Main-Traveled Roads in 1891, he offered up a terse image of the northern Great Plains that has often been echoed since: “The farther I got from Chicago,” Garland said, the more depressing the landscape became…. The houses, bare …


In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

by Peter Matthiessen
On a sultry morning in June 1975 two FBI agents assigned to the Pine Ridge Reservation near Rapid City, South Dakota, followed a station wagon onto Indian land somewhere between the little towns of Oglala and Pine Ridge, two traditional Lakota Sioux communities thought to be harboring American Indian Movement …