Peter B. Reddaway

Peter B. Reddaway is Professor Emeritus of Professor Emeritus of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University.

On the Eve

Figures in a Red Landscape

by Pilar Bonet, translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni and Susan Ashe

The Rise of Russia and the Fall of the Soviet Empire

by John B. Dunlop

The Struggle for Russia: Power and Change in the Democratic Revolution

by Ruslan Khasbulatov, edited by Richard Sakwa

The Morphology of Russian Mentality: A Philosophical Inquiry into Conservatism and Pragmatism

by Vladimir A. Zviglyanich

December 2, 1993 issue

The End of the Empire

The Awakening of the Soviet Union

by Geoffrey Hosking

The USSR's Emerging Multiparty System

by Vera Tolz, foreword by S. Frederick Starr

Glasnost in Jeopardy: Human Rights in the USSR

by Helsinki Watch/Human Rights Watch

Gorbachev: Heretic in the Kremlin

by Dusko Doder and Louise Branson

Why Gorbachev Happened: His Triumphs and His Failure

by Robert G. Kaiser

The Second Russian Revolution Channel by Brian Lapping Associates

a documentary series made for BBC Television and the Discovery, produced by Norma Percy

Gorbachev's Struggle for Economic Reform

by Anders Aslund

What Went Wrong with Perestroika.

by Marshall I. Goldman

Steeltown, USSR: Soviet Society in the Gorbachev Era

by Stephen Kotkin

Comrade Lawyer: Inside Soviet Justice in an Era of Reform

by Robert Rand

Gorbachev, Glasnost & the Gospel

by Michael Bourdeaux

Inside the KGB: My Life in Soviet Espionage

by Vladimir Kuzichkin, translated by Thomas B. Beattie

'Gorbachev's Endgame'

by Jerry F. Hough

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November 7, 1991 issue

Gorbachev the Bold

Gorbachev the Bold

Shadows and Whispers: Power Politics Inside the Kremlin from Brezhnev to Gorbachev

by Dusko Doder

May 28, 1987 issue



Shcharansky: Hero of Our Time

by Martin Gilbert

September 25, 1986 issue

Waiting for Gorbachev

Soviet Dissent: Contemporary Movements for National, Religious, and Human Rights

by Ludmilla Alexeyeva, translated by Carol Pearce and John Glad

Behind the Lines: The Private War Against Soviet Censorship

by Donald R. Shanor

October 10, 1985 issue


Punitive Medicine

by Alexander Podrabinek, translated by Alexander Lehrman

Soviet Psychoprisons

by Harvey Fireside

Institute of Fools: Notes from the Serbsky

by Victor Nekipelov, edited and translated by Marco Carynnyk and Marta Horban

March 20, 1980 issue

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