Who’s Afraid for Virginia Woolf?

Virginia Woolf: The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Her Life and Work

by Louise DeSalvo
This is a grim story of sexual abuse, of the persecution of the innocent, of the lasting damage done to children who might never quite recover from the sins of others, and especially of their parents. It should not be imagined that there is anything titillating in this account of …

Fine Art for Kids

The Work of E.H. Shepard

edited by Rawle Knox

Edward Ardizzone: Artist and Illustrator

by Gabriel White
Conscientious lovers of Literature and Art suffer acutely in our society if they happen also to be the parents of young children. They are assailed from all sides by commercial artists, skillful people but without taste or talent, and these purvey hideous rubbish on cereal packets, in comic books, on …

Designing Women

Women Artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement, 1870-1914

by Anthea Callen
The Female School of Design, the first art school in Britain to offer art education to women, opened its doors in 1842. I had supposed that it did not do so until a year later; but Ms. Callen is sure that I am wrong and I am equally sure that …

Anatomy Lessons

The Anatomical Works of George Stubbs

by Terence Doherty
Sixteen years ago it was possible for the learned Dr. Schmalenbach to produce a study of the role of the horse in the history of art and never once to mention George Stubbs. When Adel des Pferdes was translated into English under the title The Noble Horse with an introduction …