Robert Pinsky’s recent works include the poetry collection At the Foundling Hospital and the CD PoemJazz II: House Hour, with the pianist Lawrence Hobgood.
 (May 2019)


Being a Ghost

When they die I become a ghost Afloat from room to room as vague In grief as when I can’t find my keys. Some say zombies became popular Just when phones became so smart We began staring into them entranced.


I don’t think anybody ever is Really divorced, said Lenny. Also, I don’t think anybody ever is Really married, he said. Because English was really his second language And because of Yiddish and its displaced Place in the world, he never really …


Any body can die, evidently. Few Go happily, irradiating joy, Knowledge, love. Many Need oblivion, painkillers, Quickest respite. Sweet time unafflicted, Various world: X=your zenith.

Three Poems by Czeslaw Milosz

ACCOUNT The history of my stupidity would fill many volumes. Some would be devoted to acting against consciousness, Like the flight of a moth which, had it known, Would have tended nevertheless toward the candle’s flame. Others would deal with ways to silence anxiety, …