Tamar Avishai is the creator and host of The Lonely Palette, an award-winning podcast that aims to make art history more accessible one object at a time. She is a freelance audio producer and arts writer based in Cleveland, OH, and is currently producing a season of Raw Material, a podcast housed at SFMOMA. The Lonely Palette is the podcast-in-residence at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston through July 2020. (May 2020)


Art in Isolation: The Delicate Paintings of Edo Japan

Suzuki Kiitsu: Cranes, circa 1820–1825

“Painting Edo,” the ambitious jewel of an exhibition currently on view for no one at the Harvard Art Museum, is perhaps arguably experiencing its most historically authentic moment in the strangeness of ours. Because to fully understand the significance of the Edo Period in Japan, which lasted from around 1600 to 1868, is to place yourself in a country that flourished even as it was closed off to the rest of the world.