Thomas Nagel

Thomas Nagel is University Professor Emeritus at NYU. He is the author of The View From Nowhere, Mortal Questions, and Mind and Cosmos, among other books.
 (March 2019)

Jews in the camp-ghetto of Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, January 1944

A Gruesome Ghost Dance

Theresienstadt 1941–1945: The Face of a Coerced Community

by H. G. Adler, translated from the German by Belinda Cooper, with an afterword by Jeremy Adler

September 28, 2017 issue

Caspar David Friedrich: Chalk Cliffs in Ruegen, 1818–1819

After You’ve Gone

Death and the Afterlife

by Samuel Scheffler, edited and with an introduction by Niko Kolodny, and with commentaries by Susan Wolf, Harry G. Frankfurt, Seana Valentine Shiffrin, and Niko Kolodny

January 9, 2014 issue

Binnie Hale and George Grossmith Jr. in No, No, Nanette, circa 1925

It’s Revolting!

Yuck! The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust

by Daniel Kelly

The Meaning of Disgust

by Colin McGinn

November 24, 2011 issue

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