Coffee Break for Sisyphus

Structural Fabulation

by Robert Scholes

Alternate Worlds

by James Gunn

The Dispossessed

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Sign of the Unicorn

by Roger Zelazny

The Boom in the Death Business

Arms Uncontrolled Research Institute by

prepared for the Stockholm International Peace Frank Barnaby and Ronald Huisken

The Arms Trade with the Third World

by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

World Armaments and Disarmament: SIPRI Yearbook, 1975

Perplexing Painters

El Greco: The Expressionism of His Final Years

by Enrique Lafuente Ferrari, with an Appendix by José Manuel Pita Andrade, translated by Robert Erich Wolf


by Jonathan Brown


by José Gudiol

The Changing Image: Prints by Francisco Goya

by Eleanor A. Sayre. the Department of Prints and Drawings

Goya: 67 Drawings

Introduction and comments by A. Hyatt Mayor

Poverty, Crime & Revolution

Laboring Classes and Dangerous Classes in Paris During the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

by Louis Chevalier, translated by Frank Jellinek

The Names of Kings: The Parisian Laboring Poor in the Eighteenth Century

by Jeffry Kaplow

The French Revolution, 1787-1799: From the Storming of the Bastille to Napoleon

by Albert Soboul, translated by Alan Forrest and Colin Jones

The Poor of Eighteenth-Century France 1750-1789

by Olwen H. Hufton

The Theft of Childbirth

Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women and Childbirth in America

by Suzanne Arms

Birth Without Violence

by Frederick Leboyer

Gifts of the Gab

Tales Told of the Fathers

by John Hollander

Vision and Resonance: Two Senses of Poetic Form

by John Hollander

The True & Tragical History of ‘Time on the Cross’

Slavery and the Numbers Game: A Critique of Time on the Cross

by Herbert G. Gutman

"A Symposium on Time on the Cross"

edited by Gary M. Walton

Reckoning with Slavery: Critical Essays in the Quantitative History of American Negro Slavery

by Paul A. David and Herbert G. Gutman and Richard Sutch and Peter Temin and Gavin Wright, with an introduction by Kenneth M. Stampp

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