Bad Man from Olympus

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: Law and the Inner Self

by G. Edward White

The Collected Works of Justice Holmes: Complete Public Writings and Selected Judicial Opinions of Oliver Wendell Holmes

edited by Sheldon M. Novick

The Essential Holmes: Selections from the Letters, Speeches, Judicial Opinions, and Other Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

edited and with an introduction by Richard A. Posner

Journey into the Dark

The Tunnel

by William H. Gass

Russia: The Power of the Mob

Comrade Criminal: Russia's New Mafiya

by Stephen Handelman

The Big Sound

The Romantic Generation

by Charles Rosen

Central Europe: The Present Past

The Haunted Land: Facing Europe's Ghosts After Communism

by Tina Rosenberg

George Grosz’s Amerika

George Grosz: Berlin-New York Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, May 6-July 30, 1995.

an exhibition Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, until April 16, 1995;

George Grosz: Berlin-New York

catalog of the exhibition edited by Peter-Klaus Schuster

Notes from Underground

The Secret World of American Communism

by Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes and Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov, Russian documents translated by Timothy D. Sergay

A Billboard Lovely as a Tree

Fables of Abundance: A Cultural History of Advertising in America

by Jackson Lears

Is Homosexuality Inherited?

The Sexual Brain

by Simon LeVay

The Science of Desire: The Search for the Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior

by Dean Hamer and Peter Copeland

Ode to the West Wing

Shelley's Heart

by Charles McCarry

A New Way of Seeing

Looking at Giacometti

by David Sylvester

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