What Would Hannah Say?

Reflections on Literature and Culture

by Hannah Arendt, edited and with an introduction by Susannah Young-ah Gottlieb

The Jewish Writings

by Hannah Arendt, edited by Jerome Kohn and Ron H. Feldman

Essays in Understanding, 1930–1954: Formation, Exile, and Totalitarianism

by Hannah Arendt, edited and with an introduction by Jerome Kohn

The Origins of Totalitarianism

by Hannah Arendt, with an introduction by Samantha Power

Why Arendt Matters

by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

Et Tu, Cicero?

Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome

by Robert Harris

The Democrats

The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008

by Mark Halperin and John F. Harris

Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time

by Senator Chuck Schumer, with Daniel Squadron

The Plan: Big Ideas for America

by Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed

Take It Back: A Battle Plan for Democratic Victory

by James Carville and Paul Begala

The Moral Center: How We Can Reclaim Our Country from Die-Hard Extremists, Rogue Corporations, Hollywood Hacks, and Pretend Patriots

by David Callahan

Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians

by Laura Flanders

Whistling Past Dixie: How Democrats Can Win Without the South

by Thomas F. Schaller

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When Is a Building Beautiful?

The Architecture of Happiness

by Alain de Botton

The Art of Travel

by Alain de Botton

The Consolations of Philosophy

by Alain de Botton

How Proust Can Change Your Life

by Alain de Botton

The Romantic Movement: Sex, Shopping and the Novel

by Alain de Botton

Household Gods: The British and Their Possessions

by Deborah Cohen

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The Heroine of Hill Top Farm

Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature

by Linda Lear

Miss Potter

a film directed by Chris Noonan

Hurry Up Please It’s Time

Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons

by Joseph Cirincione

Brilliance, Silence, Courage

Twenty-eight Artists and Two Saints: Essays

by Joan Acocella

Thanks for the Memory

Istanbul: Memories and the City

by Orhan Pamuk, translated from the Turkish by Maureen Freely

The Defense of Torture

War by Other Means: An Insider's Account of the War on Terror

by John Yoo

Dressing for Success

Glory in a Line: A Life of Foujita, the Artist Caught Between East and West

by Phyllis Birnbaum

Warning on Warming

Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis: Summary for Policymakers

The Way We Live Now


by Jonathan Raban

The Master Builder

Orson Welles: Volume 2, Hello Americans

by Simon Callow

What Ever Happened to Orson Welles?: A Portrait of an Independent Career

by Joseph McBride

Orson Welles: Volume 1, The Road to Xanadu

by Simon Callow

Citizen Welles: A Biography of Orson Welles

by Frank Brady

Rosebud: The Story of Orson Welles

by David Thomson

This Is Orson Welles

by Orson Welles and Peter Bogdanovich, edited by Jonathan Rosenbaum, with a new introduction by Peter Bogdanovich

The Magic World of Orson Welles

by James Naremore

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