Martyr by Choice

Lumumba Speaks: The Speeches and Writings of Patrice Lumumba 1958-1961 edited by Jean Van Lierde, translated by Helen Lane, with an Introduction by Jean-Paul Sartre

French History: The Case of the Wandering Eye

Reactions to the French Revolution by Richard Cobb

The Police and the People: French Popular Protest 1789-1820 by Richard Cobb

A Second Identity: Essays on France and French History by Richard Cobb

Crimes et criminalité en France sous I’Ancien Régime, 17e-18e siècles by A. Abbiateci and F. Billacois and Y. Bongert and N. Castan and Y. Castan and P. Petrovitch

Les Hommes et la mort en Anjou aux 17e et 18e siècles by François Lebrun

Vision de la mort et de l’au-delà en Provence d’après les autels des âmes du purgatoire, XVe-XXe siècles by Gaby Vovelle and Michel Vovelle

Touch and Go

Groups, Gimmicks, and Instant Gurus by William R. Coulson

The Pit by Gene Church and Conrad D. Carnes

After the Czech “New Wave”

All the Bright Young Men and Women: A Personal History of the Czech Cinema by Josef Skvorecky

Political Grouping in the Czechoslovak Reform Movement by Vladimir V. Kusin

Reform Rule in Czechoslovakia: The Dubcek Era 1968-1969 by Galia Golan

Short Reviews

The Case for Black Reparations by Boris I. Bittker

A Piece of Truth by Amalia Fleming

Days of Sadness, Years of Triumph: The American People 1939-1945 by Geoffrey Perrett