The Master of Eglfing-Haar

Eugen Gabritschevsky: 1893–1979 an exhibition at La Maison Rouge, Paris, July 8–September 18, 2016; Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, November 11, 2016–February 19, 2017; and the American Folk Art Museum, New York City, March 13–August 13, 2017

Corrective Affinities

Tumult by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, translated from the German by Mike Mitchell

New Selected Poems by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, translated from the German by David Constantine, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Michael Hamburger, and Esther Kinsky

Mr Zed’s Reflections: or Breadcrumbs He Dropped, Gathered Up by His Listeners by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, translated from the German by Wieland Hoban

Writing with the Words of Others: Essays on the Poetry of Hans Magnus Enzensberger by Alan J. Clayton

Good Lord

First Confession: A Sort of Memoir by Chris Patten

Kind of Blue: A Political Memoir by Ken Clarke


Lisa Appignanesi is Chair of the Royal Society of Literature and former Chair of the Trustees of the Freud Museum in London. She is the author of Mad, Bad, and Sad: A History of Women and the Mind Doctors, among other books. (October 2017)

Neal Ascherson is the author of Black Sea, Stone Voices: The Search for Scotland, and the novel Death of the Frosac. He is an Honorary Professor at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.
 (October 2017)

Marianne Boruch’s most recent books are ­Eventually One Dreams the Real Thing, a collection of poems, and The Little Death of Self: Nine Essays Toward Poetry. (October 2017)

David Bromwich is Sterling Professor of English at Yale. Moral Imagination, a collection of his essays, was recently published in paperback. (October 2017)

Peter Brown is the Philip and Beulah Rollins Professor of History Emeritus at Princeton. His books include Augustine of Hippo: A Biography and, most recently, Treasure in Heaven: The Holy Poor in Early Christianity. (October 2017)

Robyn Creswell is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Yale and the Poetry Editor of The Paris Review.
 (October 2017)

Mark Ford’s latest book is Thomas Hardy: Half a Londoner. He teaches in the English Department at University College London. (October 2017)

Peter Green is Dougherty Centennial Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of Texas at Austin and Adjunct Professor at the University of Iowa. His books include The Hellenistic Age: A Short History and a translation of the Iliad. His translation of the Odyssey is forthcoming. (October 2017)

Ian Johnson reports from Beijing and Berlin. His new book, The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao, was published in April. He received the 2016 Shorenstein Journalism Award. (October 2017)

Stephen Kotkin is the John P. Birkelund Professor in History and International Affairs at Princeton and a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. His essay in this issue is adapted from Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1929–1941, which will be published in October by Penguin. 
(October 2017)

James Mann is a Fellow-in-Residence at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. His books include The Obamians: The Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power and Rise of the Vulcans: The History of Bush’s War Cabinet.
 (October 2017)

Ruth Margalit is an Israeli writer living in New York. Her writing has appeared in The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine.
 (December 2017)

Ferdinand Mount is the former Editor of The Times Literary Supplement. His most recent book is English Voices: Lives, Landscapes, Laments.
 (December 2017)

Robert O. Paxton is Mellon Professor of Social Science at Columbia and the author of Vichy France and The Anatomy of Fascism, among other works. (October 2017)

Jed Perl’s Calder: The Conquest of Time, the first volume of his biography of the American sculptor, has just been published.
 (October 2017)

Nathaniel is the author of Odds Against Tomorrow and The Mayor’s Tongue. His novel King Zeno will be published in January. (October 2017)

Sanford Schwartz is the author of Christen Købke and William Nicholson. (October 2017)

Colin Thubron is a President Emeritus of the Royal Society of Literature and the author of The Lost Heart of Asia, Shadow of the Silk Road, and, most recently, Night of Fire, a novel. (October 2017)

Helen Vendler is the Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor in the Department of English at Harvard. Her latest book is The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar, a collection of her most recent essays. (October 2017)