Ah, our lazy, our listless, our lovely, our lingering
languid turtle; mooching, smooching slow dancer;
dozy, dossing, easygoing footdragger; tinkering,
plod-plodding procrastinator; incipient necromancer;
lackadaisical, lackluster, loafing, lagging lug;
watched pot; fainéant of fainéants; otiose slug;

our break-taking, oscitant artisan slacker; our unfussed,
watching-the-grass-grow dawdler; our most phlegmatic
sloth; maundering, moony-loony manatee; nonplussed,
relaxed, dilatory, shell-slumbering snail; our aesthetic,
asthenic, torpid tortoise; lumbering Laodicean; dillydally-
ing, desultory lol-lol-lollygagger; our shillyshallshally;

our dear-there-where cancer, hear our lull-lull-lullaby.
You can, sir, be kind, be gentle, be easy, no need to rush.
We still got loads, bags, oodles of time. Remember: I die
you die. We’re both here now, why the sudden push?