Playing the Unplayable

Shylock: A Legend and Its Legacy

by John Gross

The Masks of Hamlet

by Marvin Rosenberg
Histories of the staging of Shakespeare’s plays have changed a good deal in the decades since G.C.D. Odell’s extensive Shakespeare from Betterton to Irving, published in two volumes in 1920. The fascinating new books by John Gross and Marvin Rosenberg are both brimming with fresh ideas and information that will …

Plague on the Globe?

Shakespeare The Later Years

by Russell Fraser

Politics, Plague, and Shakespeare's Theater: The Stuart Years

by Leeds Barroll
Every biographer of a writer has to start with a difficult decision: whether to bring the life and works together or keep them separate. If the writer lived four hundred years ago it may well be that not enough is known about his life, or the precise dates of the …

The Second-Best Bed

“In the name of God amen I William Shakespeare of Stratford upon Avon in the county of War-wick gentleman in perfect health and memory God be praised do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following. That is to say first I commend my …

Do-It-Yourself Lear

The Complete King Lear, 1608–1623 (1623), 149

by William Shakespeare, prepared by Michael Warren
At the World Shakespeare Congress held in Washington, DC in April 1976, Michael Warren read a short paper on “Quarto and Folio King Lear and the Interpretation of Albany and Edgar”—a paper hailed by some as the start of a new era in textual studies and deplored by others as …

The Dream of the Globe

Rebuilding Shakespeare's Globe

by Andrew Gurr and John Orrell, foreword by Sam Wanamaker
Thomas Browne, a theater lover who may well have watched plays at the second Globe, would have been an ideal partner for Sam Wanamaker, the well-known actor and producer. Browne claimed that some natural processes could be reversed—“This is made good by experience, which can from the ashes of a …