Caesar at the Bastille

Julius Caesar is certainly one of the most shocking of all Shakespeare’s tragedies. Caesar is murdered at the height of his triumphs. A moment before his death, before the last words of his final speech, he compares himself to the northern star “of whose true-fix’d and resting quality / There …

The Edo Lear


a film, written and directed by Akira Kurosawa
Madness awaits everyone at the close of that cold night. “These four are already mad,” wrote Camus about King Lear. “One is mad by profession, another by choice, and two from the suffering they could not bear.” The jester is mad by profession; Edgar, in order to save his life; …

Controlling the Writing on the Wall

Czarna Ksiega Cenzury PRL (The Black Book of Polish Censorship) Volume I

The term “Germany” is not to be used in reference to the present state of the GDR, the FRG or West Berlin; when mentioning the capital of GDR use the term “Berlin” in distinguishing it from West Berlin. All materials (passing references, photographs, etc.) on the subject of Iran, past …