An Elegy for F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald

edited by Andrew Turnbull

Lives of the Painters

Born Under Saturn

by Rudolf Wittkower and Margot Wittkower

Cosmic Comics

A Singular Man

by J.P. Donleavy

The Maniac Responsible

by Robert Gover

Visions of Gerard

by Jack Kerouac

A Hero of our Time

Structural Anthropology

by Claude Lévi-Strauss, Translated from the French by Claire Jacobson and Brook Grundfest Schoepf

Two Poets

Poems 2

by Alan Dugan

Stand Up, Friend, with Me

by Edward Field

Wilson’s Amerika

The Cold War and the Income Tax: A Protest

by Edmund Wilson

Old Moderns

Eight Modern Writers

by J.I.M. Stewart

Dissenting Opinion

A World More Attractive

by Irving Howe

Visible Men

The Negro Protest: James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King talk with Kenneth B. Clark

When the Word is Given…A Report on Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X. and the Black Muslim World

by Louis E. Lomax

The Eagle Has No Head

The Americans: A New History of the People of the United States

by Oscar Handlin

Bossa Nova

Invisible Latin America

by Samuel Shapiro


Three Plays: Judith, Tiger at the Gates, and Duel of Angels

by Jean Giraudoux, translated by Christopher Fry

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