A Little Learning

Toward a Theory of Instruction

by Jerome Bruner

The Brink

The Missile Crisis

by Elie Abel

O Dear

Story of O

by Pauline Réage, translated by Sabine d'Estrée

The Long Poem


by John Wain

Rivers and Mountains

by John Ashbery

The War of the Secret Agents, and Other Poems

by Henri Coulette

Nights and Days

by James Merrill

Growing Pains

General Linguistics: An Introductory Survey

by R.H. Robins

The Linguistic Sciences and Language Teaching

by M.A.K. Halliday and Angus McIntosh and Peter Strevens

Chock Full of Nuts

The American Heritage Cookbook

by the Editors of American Heritage

Harvest of American Cooking

by Mary Margaret McBride

Helen Brown's West Coast Cook Book

The Chamberlain Sampler of American Cooking

by Narcisse Chamberlain and Narcissa G. Chamberlain

In the Genes

New Paths in Biology

by Adolf Portmann

A Buyer’s Market

Giotto: The Peruzzi Chapel

by Leonetto Tintori and Eve Borsook

Vitale da Bologna and Bolognese Painting in the Fourteenth Century

by Cesare Gnudi, translated by Olga Ragusa


by Frederick Hartt

Italian Primitives: Panel Painting of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

by Enzo Carli, translated by Olga Ragusa

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