The American Way of Death

Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-in Dangers of the American Automobile

by Ralph Nader

Safety Last: An Indictment of the Auto Industry

by Jeffrey O'Connell and Arthur Myers

Poor Papa

Papa Hemingway

by A.E. Hotchner


a poem

A Good-Natured Man

Collected Works of Oliver Goldsmith

edited by Arthur Friedman

Everybody’s Kierkegaard

The Last Years: Journals 1853-1855

by Sören Kierkegaard, edited and translated by Ronald Gregor Smith

All For Love

The Uncompromising Heart: A Life of Marie Mancini

by Françoise Mallet-Joris, translated by Patrick O'Brien

Making It New

Beautiful Losers

by Leonard Cohen


by Julio Cortázar, translated by Gregory Rabassa

The Soft Machine

by William S. Burroughs

Back Number

The Savoy, Nineties Experiment

edited by Stanley Weintraub

Farmer Khrushchev

Conflict and Decision-Making in Soviet Russia: A Case Study of Agricultural Policy, 1953-1963

by Sidney Ploss

The Soviet Economy Since Stalin

by Harry Schwartz

Private Fortunes

The Beginners

by Dan Jacobson

Tenants of the House

by Heather Ross Miller

Black Light

by Galway Kinnell

The Old Man at the Railroad Crossing and Other Tales

by William Maxwell

A Good Cause

Pamphlets of the American Revolution (Volume I, 1750-1776)

edited by Bernard Bailyn, edited by Jane N. Garrett

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