“Craft-Igor” and the Whole Stravinsky

Stravinsky: The Composer and His Works

by Eric Walter White

Churchill and Macmillan

Winston S. Churchill, Vol. I., Youth 1974-1900

by Randolph S. Churchill

Winds of Change

by Harold Macmillan

Orwell “in Life”

The Crystal Spirit: A Study of George Orwell

by George Woodcock

Don’t Say “Boo” to a Goose

On Aggression

by Konrad Lorenz

The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origin of Property and Nations

by Robert Ardrey

The Viennese Muses

The Letters of Mozart and His Family

edited by Emily Anderson, Second edition prepared by A. Hyatt King and Monica Carolan

Primer for the Great Society

Technology and the American Economy: Report of the National Commission on Technology, Automation, and Economic Progress

Buster Busted


by Rudi Blesh

What Is History?

Shapes of Philosophical History

by Frank E. Manuel

The Prophets of Paris

by Frank E. Manuel

Utopias and Utopian Thought

edited by Frank E. Manuel

The Riddle of History: The Great Speculators From Vico to Freud

by Bruce Mazlish

The Unique and the Universal

by J.L. Talmon


The Journal of Beatrix Potter from 1881 to 1897

transcribed from her code writing by Leslie Linder

Serious Ladies

Dark Places of the Heart

by Christina Stead

The Collected Works of Jane Bowles

by Jane Bowles, introduction by Truman Capote

Journal from Ellipsia

by Hortense Calisher

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