Doctor Auden

Collected Shorter Poems 1927-1957

by W.H. Auden


Nicolas Poussin (A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts)

by Sir Anthony Blunt

The Paintings of Nicolas Poussin: A Critical Study

by Sir Anthony Blunt


by Sir Anthony Blunt

Nicolas Poussin: Lettres et propos sur l'art

compiled by Sir Anthony Blunt


by Walter Friedlaender

Le voir et le savoir
essai sur Nicolas Poussin

by Pierre Schneider

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Dissent and the Academy

The Morality of Scholarship

edited by Max Black

Bright Small Boy

The Blast of War 1939-45

by Harold Macmillan

Macmillan: A Study in Ambiguity

by Anthony Sampson

How Hitler Made It

The Nuremberg Party Rallies 1923-39

by Hamilton J. Burden

The German Army and the Nazi Party, 1933-39

by Robert J. O'Neill


by Joachim Kramarz

Pius XII and the Third Reich

by Saul Friedländer

Prelude to Downfall: Hitler and the United States 1933-1941

by Saul Friedländer

The Swastika and the Eagle

by James V. Compton

Hitler's Pre-War Policy and Military Plans 1933-1939

by E.M. Robertson

The Rise of Fascism

by F.L. Carsten

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For Wilberforce’s Aunt

Sins of the Fathers: A Study of the Atlantic Slave Trade

by James Pope-Hennessy

Isn’t It Romantic?

Romantics at School

by Morris Marples

The Mind of the European Romantics

by H.G. Schenk

Wings of the Hawk

The Billy Mitchell Affair

by Burke Davis

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