Nicolas Poussin (A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts) by Sir Anthony Blunt

The Paintings of Nicolas Poussin: A Critical Study by Sir Anthony Blunt

Poussin by Sir Anthony Blunt

Nicolas Poussin: Lettres et propos sur l’art compiled by Sir Anthony Blunt

Poussin by Walter Friedlaender

Le voir et le savoir
essai sur Nicolas Poussin
by Pierre Schneider

How Hitler Made It

The Nuremberg Party Rallies 1923-39 by Hamilton J. Burden

The German Army and the Nazi Party, 1933-39 by Robert J. O'Neill

Stauffenberg by Joachim Kramarz

Pius XII and the Third Reich by Saul Friedländer

Prelude to Downfall: Hitler and the United States 1933-1941 by Saul Friedländer

The Swastika and the Eagle by James V. Compton

Hitler’s Pre-War Policy and Military Plans 1933-1939 by E.M. Robertson

The Rise of Fascism by F.L. Carsten


Robert M. Adams (1915-1996) was a founding editor of the Norton Anthology of English Literature. He taught at the University of Wisconsin, Rutgers, Cornell and U.C.L.A. His scholarly interested ranged from Milton to Joyce, and his translations of many classic works of French literature continue to be read to this day.

Richard Ellmann (1918–1987) was an American critic and biographer. He taught at Northwestern, Oxford and Emory, where he was named Robert W. Professor in 1980. He won the National Book Award for Nonfiction for James Joycein 1959; a revised edition was awarded the James Tate Black Memorial Prize in 1982.

Stuart Hampshire (1914–2004) was an English philosopher. He taught at University College London, Princeton, Stanford and Oxford, where he was named Warden of Wadham College. His books include Thought and Action, Spinoza and Justice Is Conflict.

Francis Haskell (1928-2000) was an English art historian. His works include Patrons and Painters: Art and Society in Baroque Italyand History and its Images: Art and the Interpretation of the Past. Haskell taught at Oxford.

James Joll (1936–2011) was a British historian. His books include The Origins of the First World War and Europe Since 1870.

Conor Cruise O’Brien (1917–2009) was an Irish historian and politician. He was elected to the Irish parliament in 1969 and served as a Minister from 1973 until 1977. His works include States of Ireland, The Great Melody and Memoir: My Life and Themes.

J.H. Plumb (1911–2001) was a British historian. He taught at Cambridge and Columbia. Plumb was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1968 and was knighted in 1982. His works include England in the Eighteenth Century, The Making of a Historian,and The American Experience.

Mark Strand, who died late last year, was a poet and artist. He was named Poet Laureate of the United States in 1990 and he won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1999. (June 2015)