The Supineness of the Senate

The Gulf of Tonkin, The 1964 Incidents. Part II Session. Supplementary Documents to February 20, 1968; Hearing With Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara Dated December 16, released December 20, 1968

Committee on Foreign Relations, US Senate, 90th Congress, 2nd

Salomé Unveiled

Frau Lou

by Rudolph Binion

Inside Dope

The Case Against Congress

by Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson

Behind the Lines: The World of Drew Pearson

by Herman Klurfeld


by Arthur Krock


by Tom Wicker

Life with Father

A Cab at the Door

by V.S. Pritchett

Parts of Speech

The Counterfeiters

by Hugh Kenner

The Literature of Silence

by Ihab Hassan

Yeats's Blessings on Von Hügel

by Martin Green

England Atomized

The Making of Modern English Society Vol. I Reformation to Industrial Revolution 1530-1780

by Christopher Hill

The Making of Modern English Society Vol. II Industry and Empire 1750 to the Present Day

by G.J. Hobsbawm

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