People vs. Butcher

by Eliot Asinof

Police Power

by Paul Chevigny

Varieties of Police Behavior

by James Q. Wilson

The Police: A Sociological Study of Law, Custom and Morality

by William A. Westley

What This Country Needs…

The Shattered Dream: Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression

by Gene Smith

Portrait with a Wart or Two

Belloc: A Biographical Anthology

edited by Herbert van Thal

Ghosts and Others

Adam and the Train: Two Novels

by Heinrich Böll


by Paul Horgan

The Dick

by Bruce Jay Friedman

The Ghost of Henry James

by David Plante

Violence, Anarchy, and Alexander Berkman

Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist: Studies in the Libertarian and Utopian Tradition

by Alexander Berkman, with an Introduction by Kenneth Rexroth

Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist: Studies in the Libertarian and Utopian Tradition

by Alexander Berkman, with an Introductory Note by Hutchins Hapgood, a new Introduction by Paul Goodman

Spanish Holocaust

The Tears of the Indians

by Bartolomé de Las Casas, translated by John Philips

The Life of Las Casas

by Sir Arthur Helps

The Chronicles of Michoacán

translated and edited by Eugene R. Craine and Reginald C. Reindorp

Gold, Glory, and the Gospel

by Louis B. Wright

The Conquest of the Incas

by John Hemming

A New Era in Shakespeare Criticism?

Johnson on Shakespeare

edited by Arthur Sherbo, with an Introduction by Bertrand H. Bronson

Shakespearian and other Studies

by F.P. Wilson, edited by Helen Gardner

Shakespeare the Craftsman

by M.C. Bradbrook

Shakespeare: The Pattern in his Carpet

by Francis Fergusson

The Tragic Engagement: A Study of Shakespeare's Classical Tragedies

by Judah Stampfer

The Tiger's Heart: Eight Essays on Shakespeare

by Herbert Howarth

Motiveless Malignity

by Louis Auchincloss

Macbeth and the Players

by Dennis Bartholomeusz

The Pillar of the World: Antony and Cleopatra in Shakespeare's Development

by Julian Markels

Iago: Some Approaches to the Illusion of his Motivation

by Stanley Edgar Hyman

Reinterpretations of Elizabethan Drama

edited by Norman Rabkin

An Essay on Shakespeare's Sonnets

by Stephen Booth

Shakespeare's Verbal Art in Th'Expence of Spirit

by Roman Jakobson and Lawrence G. Jones

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A Pinch of Saltus

Edgar Saltus

by Claire Sprague

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