The Kennedy Fantasy

The Kennedy Legacy by Theodore Sorensen

American Journey: The Times of Robert Kennedy Interviews by Jean Stein, edited by George Plimpton

No Hail, No Farewell by Louis Heren

Who Needs the Democrats? by John Kenneth Galbraith

The Appalachian Tragedy

Harlan Miners Speak National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners Report on Terrorism in the Kentucky Coal Fields by Members of the

Coal Mining Health and Safety in West Virginia by J. Davitt McAteer

Youth Wants to Know

Uptown: Poor Whites in Chicago by Todd Gitlin and Nancy Hollander

Revolutionary Notes by Julius Lester

Search for the New Land by Julius Lester

Going All the Way by Dan Wakefield

Parentheses: An Autobiographical Journey by Jay Neugeboren

Left at the Post by Nicholas von Hoffman

Moving Through Here by Don McNeill


The Cowards by Josef Skvorecký, translated by Jeanne Nemcová

Joseph by Mervyn Jones

Little Peter in War and Peace by Gerhard Zwerenz, translated by William Whitman

The Public Prosecutor by Georgi Dzhagarov, adapted from the Bulgarian by C.P. Snow and Pamela Hansford Johnson, Introduction by C.P. Snow