Truman and the Beast

The Politics of Fear: Joseph R. McCarthy and the Senate

by Robert Griffith

The Politics of Loyalty: The White House and the Communist Issue, 1946-1952

by Alan D. Harper

Seeds of Repression: Harry S. Truman and the Origins of McCarthyism

by Athan Theoharis

He Descended into Hell in Vain

A Spy for God: The Ordeal of Kurt Gerstein

by Pierre Joffroy

Pure in Heart

Dear Miss Weaver

by Jane Lidderdale and Mary Nicholson

In the Bowels of Behemoth

TFX Contract Investigation Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations

Report of the Committee on Government Operations made by its

The War Profiteers

by Richard F. Kaufman

The Military Establishment: Its Impact on American Society

by Adam Yarmolinsky

The Pentagon Watchers: Students Report on the National Security State

edited by Leonard S. Rodberg, edited by Derek Shearer

How Much is Enough? Shaping the Defense Program

by Alain C. Enthoven and K. Wayne Smith

Has Sociology a Future?

The Coming Crisis of Western Sociology

by Alvin W. Gouldner

Recent Sociology No. 1

edited by Hans Peter Dreitzel

Embattled Reason: Essays on Social Knowledge

by Reinhard Bendix

Sociology in its Place and Other Essays

by W.G. Runciman

End of the Line

Last Things

by C.P. Snow


by Rudolph Wurlitzer

Dunfords Travels Everywheres

by William Melvin Kelley

Blue Movie

by Terry Southern

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