On the Western Front

Prussian Nights: A Poem

by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, translated by Robert Conquest

To Be Preserved Forever

by Lev Kopelev, translated and edited by Anthony Austin

Lear’s Inner Landscape

Nonsense and Wonder: The Poems and Cartoons of Edward Lear

by Thomas Byrom

Imposing Gibbon

Edward Gibbon and the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

edited by G.W. Bowersock, edited by John Clive, edited by Stephen R. Graubard

Joyce’s Influenza

James Joyce in Padua

edited by Louis Berrone

Afterjoyce: Studies in Fiction After Ulysses

by Robert Martin Adams

"In the wake of the Wake"

edited by Elliott Anderson, edited by David Hayman

The Consciousness of Joyce

by Richard Ellmann

All or Nothing

The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 1868-1936

by Murray Bookchin

Durruti: The People Armed

by Abel Paz, translated by Nancy MacDonald

The Anarchist Collective: Workers Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution, 1936-1939

edited by Sam Dolgoff, with an introduction by Murray Bookchin

Power to the Experts

The Culture of Professionalism: The Middle Class and the Development of Higher Education in America

by Burton J. Bledstein

A Modern Master

François Rabelais: A Study

by Donald M. Frame

On Rereading the Oz Books

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Marvelous Land of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Ozma of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Road to Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Emerald City of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Lost Princess of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Tin Woodman of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Glinda of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Making of the Wizard of Oz

by Aljean Harmetz

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Risorgimento and Romantic Agony

Cristina, Portraits of a Princess

by Beth Archer Brombert

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