In the American Mirror

The Cycles of American History

by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Lessons of the Master

Henry James: Literary Criticism Essays on Literature, American Writers, English Writers

Henry James: Literary Criticism French Writers, Other European Writers, The Prefaces to the New York Edition

Natural Selection of Culture?

Culture and the Evolutionary Process

by Robert Boyd and Peter J. Richerson

Saint Cory and the Yellow Revolution

The Snap Revolution

by James Fenton

People Power: An Eyewitness History

edited by Monina Allarey Mercado

Bayon Ko!

Crisis in the Philippines: The Marcos Era and Beyond

edited by John Bresnan

Insulin & Innocence

Reversal of Fortune: Inside the von Bülow Case

by Alan M. Dershowitz

‘Pintor Real’

Velázquez: Painter and Courtier

by Jonathan Brown

Looking Backward

Thinking in Time:The Uses of History for Decision-Makers

by Richard E. Neustadt and Ernest R. May

The Last Idol

Kitchener: The Man Behind the Legend

by Philip Warner

The Kitchener Enigma

by Trevor Royle

Master of Horror

Karl Kraus: Apocalyptic Satirist
Culture and Catastrophe in Habsburg Vienna

by Edward Timms

In These Great Times: A Karl Kraus Reader

edited by Harry Zohn, with translations by Joseph Fabry and Max Knight and Karl F. Ross and Harry Zohn

Half-Truths & One-and-a-Half Truths: Selected Aphorisms

by Karl Kraus, edited and translated by Harry Zohn

New Bards for Old

On Shakespeare

by Northrop Frye

Shakespeare and the Question of Theory

edited by Patricia Parker, edited by Geoffrey Hartman

Shakespeare's Perjured Eye: The Invention of Poetic Subjectivity in the Sonnets

by Joel Fineman

New Readings vs. Old Plays: Recent Trends in the Reinterpretation of English Renaissance Drama

by Richard Levin

The Devil's Party: Critical Counter-interpretations of Shakespearian Drama

by Harriett Hawkins

Shakespeare's English and Roman History Plays

by Paul N. Siegel

William Shakespeare

by Terry Eagleton

That Shakespeherian Rag

by Terence Hawkes

Such is My Love: A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets

by Joseph Pequigney

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Now, Voyager

Voyage into Substance: Art, Science, Nature, and the Illustrated Travel Account, 1760–1840

by Barbara Maria Stafford

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